Facebook Contest and Coupon Marketing For Your Home Contracting and Servicing Business

Facebook Contest and Coupon Marketing For Your Home Contracting and Servicing Business

Everybody loves getting a deal 🙂

Fortunately, Facebook saves your customers the hassle and sometimes pain of having to have to fight tooth and nail to save a few bucks. We explained in a previous blog how Facebook Contests are a great way to drive traffic to your site and location. What’s great is that in our Facebook Contests, everybody is a winner!!

How it works is that all the entries in the contest will receive a direct Facebook Message with a promotion or coupon in their Facebook Inbox. Studies have shown the open rates for these messages to be over 90% !! These contests have worked great for our clients and we’re sure they’ll work wonders for your bottom line as well.

Please take a look at a few successful Facebook Coupon Campaigns we have executed.

We know you may feel a little overwhelmed and even frustrated like this hard worker…

Don’t worry, Our Free Makeover and Takeover is the answer to this madness!!

The success that our clients have had with the combination of contests and the sending of the non-winner coupons has been incredible  The reach and results achieved by these two stealth tactics have worked wonders for many of our clients and at a cost that businesses of all sizes can afford.  If you’re interested in running contests and coupons for your home contracting and servicing business, we have you covered. We’re now offering a FREE Makeover and Takeover of your Facebook account which includes a free contest as well as the sending of the non-winner coupons!!  

Before we get ahead of ourselves, you’re probably wondering how this all works.  Here’s the details:

We’ll “Makeover” your Facebook Fanpage, complete with a custom banner, a Google optimized “about us” descriptions, custom graphics, and more.  This alone is usually a $100 dollar value.

We’ll then “Takeover” your Fanpage to give you a glimpse of the power of Facebook and show you how it will work day and night to bring in raving fans.  The Free “Takeover” includes running contests to build the buzz and engagement to get customers to your door or to pick up the phone and ask about your services.   The “Takeover” also includes custom graphics and content that shows why you are the best in town and why your customers just can’t get enough. Don’t forget the sending of the non-winner coupons!!

If this is something of interest, please book your free, no hassle, no obligation discovery call.  All we need is a few minutes to review the details and we’ll be ready to rock your “Makeover and Takeover”.  We promise not to waste your time, you have nothing to lose, and unlimited customers and profits to gain!

Don’t worry, we do all the work, you’ll get all the customers, but only if you’re the first to take action!!

Please fill out the info below and we’ll get started on your Makeover and Takeover immediately!!

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