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Connecting Home Contracting and Servicing Businesses

Getlocalassist.com is a unique directory helping home owners support local Home Contracting companies through this online platform. We take the hassle out of searching endless pages of irrelevant websites while reading live reviews from customers to help ease the decision-making process. Being mobile friendly, our directory makes finding the right Home Servicing company easy to use while on the go. So, buy and support local with getlocalassist.com.

Every day, our site helps answer questions from our followers and fans such as “Emergency, I need a plumber and it’s 2 AM, who can I call?” and "Where can I find an honest flooring company who's ethical and won’t run off like a thief in the night?" or " I would like to start my dream remodel, any reputable contractors who guarantee their work?"

It is our mission and passion to give the best advice and recommendations to our viewers. To achieve this, we believe we must go "Hyper-Local" with our efforts to find the best local contractors that provide the best experience and value to our thousands of viewers and fans. Which is why we focus on products and services that are only in the Home Contracting and Servicing space.

We do our homework on all businesses featured on our site. With our stringent vetting process, we ensure that our standards are met to delight our viewers.

We also support the local communities in which we operate, with 5% of the subscription fee from all premium advertisements being donated to local charities & community projects