Looking For The Best Interior Design Studio in San Diego, CA? Think We May Have Found It For You!!


Inside Story is a well-recognized interior design studio with a belief in completing well-grounded design projects. Creative home design since 1987 and not afraid to take a risk when it feels right, this creative design studio is a maker, a curator, and anything else they need to be for the project to turn outright.

“Inside Story transformed our home into something remarkable with great creativity.”

“Inside Story has worked on different projects in and outside our house for the past 15 years.”

“We just most recently finished up two bathrooms, which he made look so much better and within our budget!”

“A couple of weeks ago, I decided to redo my kitchen cabinets. One phone call to Inside Story, and we are underway!!”

At Inside Story, we specialize in art selection, bathroom design, bedroom design, color consulting, and more. We believe that your home should reflect your personality and tell your story! For the best interior design studio in San Diego, CA! Call us today at (858) 610-0624 or visit our website for more information.