Looking For Professional Carpenter in Escondido, CA? Think We May Have Found It For You!


Here at Caraway, we have a reputation for being customer centric. Our specialty is in Finish Carpentry and Moldings. Our goal is to give you the best construction experience you could have. Our crew members all have strong English communication skills and high attention to the little details.

“The most professional carpenter, top quality job. I will be using Caraways cabinets again.”

“The project completed as said, no surprises. Pleasant at work, and a quality professional carpenter.”

“Works completed at a time. Ahead of schedule and quality was outstanding.”

“Caraway did the work as scheduled, managed some tricky problems, and was flexible when I added to the job at the last minute.”

Caraway provides professional cabinet installation and also specialized custom cabinet solutions for those spaces needing a custom size or style. For the best carpenter in Escondido, CA. Call us at (760) 805-8777 or visit our website to see our excellent services.